Skype For Business - Polycom VoiP Phone LogIn Procedure

Skype For Business - Polycom VoiP Phone Log-In Procedure


To log in to your Skype (Teams) account from Skype-enabled Polycom phone ( VVX 600 is used in this example), please follow the steps below:
Click “Sign In” option to get to the screen with two sign-in options

1.       Select “Web Sign-in”. You will be given a URL and a code:

1.       Navigate to that URL and enter the code as displayed. Follow the prompts to log in using your company email address and password:

Select “No” when asked to reduce the number of times you sign in:

Enter device code: 

Select your account:

1.       After completing sign in process, your phone will ask you to set up a phone PIN. Enter a 6-digit number twice and memorize it.

1.       Select “Done.” You are now ready to use your phone.

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